Alma the Jerez

26 November 2019
The idea of this drink came to me thinking back to the breakfast I was having in Jerez in December last year; where I had a coffee with some churros with chocolate and finally some orange juice ... so I decided to make a great cocktail like the Manhattan using Cardenal Mendoza brandy adding the amazing Cardenal Mendoza Angelus liqueur that takes you to the air with an orange perfume in the alcazar park and combine an Italian product with vermouth cocchi infused withCoffee & chocolate in fat washing and 2 drops of licorice bitters and 3 drop to grapefruit bitter. to finish garnish made with the solid part left (to avoid waste) of the fat washing to create a cone with the addition of freshness given by the artemisia abrotanum marittima or the Cola plant (edible, you can eat this) and a splash of orange essential oils for coronar and de jerez perfume. More C factor than that?
corrado locatelli alma the jerez cardenal mendoza c factor cocktail competition
Alma the Jerez by Corrado Locatelli


  • 50 ml Cardenal Mendoza Classic
  • 25 ml Cardenal Mendoza Classic Angelus
  • 15 ml vermouth cocchi infused chocolate and coffee( fat washing) 2 drops liquorice bitter
  • 3 drops grapefruit bitter
  • Garnish cone of chocolate with colplant
  • Orange essential oil


Is possible make this with stir and strain but I prefer make a 3 throwing...because less dilution and more perfume...
to make the fatwashing take the coffee chocolate and melt it in a bain marie once melted add the vermouth stir and put it in the freezer for 12 hours the next day filter and we have a chocolate vermouth and coffee.
the remaining solid part we can use to make the decoration so as to recall tasteless as a small food pairing

For make a garnish take the chocolate and pour in a silicon Stamp and enter in the fridge


Cocktail by Corrado Locatelli

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