The Golden Week

cardenal mendoza golden week 2024

Cardenal Mendoza Golden Week 2024

Cardenal Mendoza proposes in its Golden Week 2024 to make brandy fans, mixologists and distributors enjoy as never before through original and creative experiences that will help them discover all the richness of nuances and possibilities of this extraordinary drink.

Cardenal Mendoza, the award-winning Solera Gran Reserva sherry brandy from the Sánchez Romate winery, celebrates the 9th edition of its Golden Week, with a series of week-long events around the world from October 25 to 31, 2024.

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We invite bartenders and mixologists from around the world to participate in the biggest competition around Brandy de Jerez and the 3 finalists will compete for the acclaimed prize: a customized gold jigger, in the on-site final in Jerez.

Cardenal Mendoza Ready to Drink



Who hides behind the myth? Through a panel discussion, different employees of Sánchez Romate will share their experiences in the day-to-day life of the winery, their beginnings, and motivations to create one of the world's best brandies. All human talent gathered around a glass of brandy.

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We all know the extraordinary depth of flavors that Cardenal Mendoza has and its versatility with coffee, chocolate, cola, or cigars.

Therefore, Sánchez Romate will organize different events in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia, where these combinations will be the protagonists.

The poster of Cardenal Mendoza Golden Week 2023

"I have wanted to immerse myself, and immerse the viewer, in a vibrant celebration. With colors, nature in its full splendor, the festive atmosphere, joy, and a touch of chaos, following the red thread of Cardenal Mendoza wherever the celebration takes us. Likewise, it was essential for me to give prominence to the different elements that we can find within our beloved brandy, which fill both the sight and the palate with their flavors and nuances. In summary, I sought to convey the desire to fully enjoy life and the Cardenal Mendoza Golden Week, as well as the pleasure I experienced in designing it all."

Carmen García Huerta, artist and creator of the poster.


Cardenal Mendoza Golden Week 2024

Another year of awards

Cardenal Mendoza has once again demonstrated in 2024 why it is the top choice of brandy for many mixologists around the world. 

We are proud to have been awarded in the Drinks International Awards 2024 in the Top Ten Best-Selling Brandy category.

An award that makes the fifteen years of aging in American oak barrels that Cardenal Mendoza's authentic Gran Reserva Sherry brandy requires, a long artisan process that transmits its sophisticated woody nuances, and the more than 200 years of passion and effort for creating a brand of the highest quality have been worth it.

Drinks International Awards 2024

Julio Cabrera

Julio Cabrera, Miami's king of mixology! Julio has been in the industry for more than 25 years, perfecting his craft throughout the world. Since 2006, he's been in Miami helping transform the cocktail culture into something worthy of accolades and when he isn't behind the bar, he is training fellow bartenders on the ways of the "cantinero," the classic bartending style from his native Cuba

To celebrate The Golden Week, Julio has concocted three innovative takes on classic cocktails, using Cardenal Mendoza and he has kindly shared the recipes so that you can download them and either make them at the bar or at home yourself!

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Download the recipes and posters of the cocktails