Espresso Brandini

01 December 2020
It’s a play on the Espresso Martini, by Dick Bradsell, by switching Vodka for a quality Brandy and changing the ratios a bit to compliment the beautiful new base spirit. It’s a drink that will soothe the soul with its richness. Depending on the bitterness of the Espresso and brand of Coffee Liqueur, add a bit of sugar to maintain the balance.
espresso brandini


  • 60ml Brandy Cardenal Mendoza
  • 30ml Fresh espresso
  • 20ml Coffee Liqueur
  • 10ml Simple Syrup (optionally)


Shake all with ice.

Strain in a glass with fresh ice. 

Garnish with cocoa nibs.

By Matthias Served by Soberon

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