Handmade sunglasses & Beard oil - why you need them

03 June 2016
by Cardenal Mendoza
Arte De Vivir, the art of living, can be interpreted in different ways by different people. For us, a key element that encompasses this mantra is the beauty of craftsmanship and behind something handmade.

Just like with our brandy, we champion processes that are entirely overseen and therefore experienced by people. 

Picking the Airén grapes from Castilla La Mancha, adding the distilled juice into our century old ageing system during the ‘Rocío,’ extracting the final matured brandy during the ‘Saca,’ and being exposed to the sweet aromas during the entire process, it’s these moments that can give us immense pride in a finished product, and will always offer something unique compared to those produced for mass consumption.

We live by tradition through the unique Criadera & Solera ageing system we have employed ever since our founder, Juan Sánchez de la Torre, began elaborating wines in 1781. However, we’re always looking forward, always looking ahead to ways we can improve and fulfil the dream of our founder himself, to educate the world about our spectacular wines and brandies and put Jerez on the map. 

We encourage you to explore what our website has to offer and gain a thorough understanding of the history, legacy and intricate processes used in the elaboration of Cardenal Mendoza.

But this is a time when we want to celebrate other projects, which despite being on a different scale and within different industries, we feel comply with what we believe in, our mantra, el Arte De Vivir. 

Magalasi Wooden Sunglasses

Founder: Javier Ruiz (lover of all things wooden)Javier Ruiz

We came across Javier Ruiz’s project and instantly loved his story. What struck us was his ambition to create a business from his passion for handcrafting wood. Javier, who studied mechanical engineering, is only 24 years old and is now dedicated to establishing his business.

Every single pair of sunglasses is handmade, with no two styles the same.

Magalasi Sunglasses is all about producing something unique for every customer, and celebrating nature’s offerings within a world subject to evermore industrialisation and artificial products. Mr. Ruiz we salute you. 

Magalasi Sunglasses

Magalasi Sunglasses

The Bearded Kraken - 100% Pure and Natural Beard Oils

Founder: Richard ClarkeRichard Clarke The Bearded Kraken

Another story from here in our beloved Spain. Richard Clarke decided to pursue his desire of growing and maintaining a healthy beard. After researching how to look after his new companion, natural beard oils seemed the best solution. However there was a lack of any product of this kind being sold within Spain. Instead of buying from abroad, he made a punt and decided to make his own.

Beard OilRichard now has a collection of four different types of beard oils. The oils are made up of 100% Jojoba, Grapseed and Sweet Almond Oils, and he is able to detail the unique sensual and health benefits of each one. Richard’s passion for his products has come alive and he has therefore become quite the beard oil connoisseur and consultant about how to best benefit from the products he has created.

Mr. Clarke, we admire your efforts to bring something that was previously absent in Spain, your determination to learn and experiment with the properties of different natural products and the enjoyment you experience as a result. That is Arte De Vivir. 

See all of Richards creations at Etsy

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by Cardenal Mendoza