Do you drink brandy? Discover your Personality.

16 May 2018
Brandy is a drink which arouses passions among those who drink it. In the following article which we have written for you, we will analyse the characteristics of the 3 principal Cardenal Mendoza brandies as well as the common traits among the people who choose them for every day drinking.
cardenal mendoza personalidad

Cardenal Mendoza ‘Clásico’

If you are a sincere person, who speaks your mind and have soundly based opinions according to your own principles, this brandy is made for you. The tasting notes describe a Brandy de Jerez which is “luminous, complex, clean and elegant, and which matches chocolate to perfection”.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Cardenal Mendoza “Clásico” can be found in the glasses of the most discriminating; those who seek to discover new and exciting sensations, who want to treat themselves to “the right spark” – as Bunbury put it – in their lives.

Reyes – our oenologist – describes it thus: “It has great personality and perfectly balanced nuances which make it ideal to enjoy on one’s own or in good company”.

All things considered this Spanish Brandy is completely in accord with current tastes; serene yet full of adventure, and its appearance, aroma and flavour will transport you to wherever you wish to go.

Dare you?

cardenal mendoza carta real personalidad

Cardenal Mendoza ‘Carta Real’

With an average age of 25 years, Carta Real is a brandy which really fits the bill. “Its radiant old mahogany colour, elegant aromas of fine old oak and gentle notes of sweet wine and prune, along with a beautifully rounded, smooth and lingering flavour combine to give it exceptional character”.

What more could you ask for?

Those who choose Carta Real are people who know what they want. They get up every day determined to seek out new challenges, solve any problems and look for excitement in everything they do. This Brandy de Jerez is without doubt one of the most renowned in the business and regularly chosen by spirits connoisseurs.

Cardenal Mendoza “Carta Real” is extremely proud of the 3 prizes it has won already, among them, “Best Spirit Drink” in 2015, and it is offered in limited editions of numbered screen-printed bottles.

So let yourself go and allow yourself to be seduced by trying it, feeling it and enjoying it. Our “Carta Real” Brandy awaits you.

cardenal mendoza personalidad

Cardenal Mendoza ‘Non Plus Ultra’

This is the jewel in the crown, the “Brandy of the Chosen”. 50 years of ageing and over two centuries of experience at Bodegas Sánchez Romate ensure it is absolutely inimitable.

If you have ever tried it or you are one of those who would try it unhesitatingly, it would demonstrate that among your personality traits you are: genuine, meticulous and original.

As to why, read on:

-          Genuine: You are unique. You are special in many aspects and are aware of it.

-          Meticulous: You seek perfection without worrying about the effort or time it will take.

-          Balanced: Calmness, good control of your emotions and sincerity both with yourself and with others are your daily maxims.

Cardenal Mendoza “Non Plus Ultra” is the brandy we are most proud of, and we want to share it with you!

At Sánchez Romate we believe that there is a kind of brandy to suit each and every person. Its flavours, nuances and aromas intermingle to produce an infinity of options to satisfy any palate. Enjoy it!

Did you know that…..The brandies we make at Cardenal Mendoza are also highly sought after for cooking. One of the best examples is “Prawns al Cardenal Mendoza”. Discover the recipe here.