Give yourself “me time” / What Cardenal Mendoza can do for you

16 January 2018
You have devoted much time to bringing up your family. Every passing day you have thought about how you could make them happier and help them to fulfil their dreams. However time passes quickly and at times we forget to think a little about ourselves. But don’t worry; we have prepared this post for you so that you can give yourself some “me time” and enjoy every day with the help of Cardenal Mendoza.

In such a busy society sit often seems strange to spend time alone in which the only purpose is to dedicate a little time to ourselves, yet focusing on some activity such as reading, watching a film, writing or enjoying some kind of hobby enriches us and brings many benefits like refreshing the mind, relaxing, combating stress etc.

Here at Cardenal Mendoza we are aware of this and so we would like to propose some ideas for your personal “me time”every day together with the pleasure of the bottle of brandy from our range which best suits your chosen activity.

Answer this question: When was the last time you sat down quietly to read a book or magazine without someone or something interrupting? A while ago, no? Well the moment has arrived. It is time to grab it.

Copa Brandy Hombre Reloj

Look out one of those books you had been meaning to read, choose a quiet place where you can sit and relax and immerse yourself in the story. To get the most out of this we recommend Cardenal Mendoza “Carta Real” which as you can see here, is a twenty-five year old brandy which has won numerous international prizes. This brandy makes for perfect company and enhances those special moments when we need to be alone, refreshing the mind with new ideas

Another suggestion would be to watch one of those films with a great story behind it and let yourself be inspired by its characters, and to be ready for all the expected dialogue and action, what better recommendation than our Cardenal Mendoza “Clasico”? This is our youngest brandy and the perfect companion for the greatest of adventures which, served simply with ice or with a mixer, will surprise you with its quality.

Lastly, if you are one of those who prefer to write such adventures rather than just watch them, the Cardenal Mendoza “Non Plus Ultra” is without doubt the brandy for you. Aged for fifty years, it is the jewel in our crown and one of the most recognisable and famous in Spain.

Writing requires concentration, organisation and a large dose of inspiration as you draft all those conversations and actions you have thought up for your characters, and Cardenal Mendoza “Non Plus Ultra” will be your faithful ally - even if you are not writing a novel or a history, but perhaps just writing your blog or personal diary.

In any case, you are devoting time to an activity you really enjoy, and you will be thankful for the reduction of stress, personal satisfaction and/or refreshment of the mind, and of course a special situation requires a special companion.

So at Cardenal Mendoza we encourage you keep in touch with what really matters to you, to again take up the hobbies or pastimes you didn’t have time for, and enjoy them in the company of the Cardenal Mendoza  Brandy you prefer.

Piscina Brandy Puro Copa