The 5 keys to reviving friendships by Cardenal Mendoza

19 January 2018
Throughout our lives many people cross our paths and it is not always easy to stay in touch with them all. At Cardenal Mendoza we understand this, and so here we bring you the five keys to help you restore those relationships and enjoy them like you used to. To revive a relationship you need to take small steps to show a person that you are interested in reconnecting with them and thus begin to restore the friendship. These steps are simple and easy so take the plunge and bring back those moments you used to enjoy together!
Retomar amistad con Cardenal Mendoza

Be the first to get in touch

For this you need to show that you are available. You can do this by sending a text or an e-mail or making a quick phone call. For this first step it is important that you are respectful.

Having taken this step and shown that you are available, they will understand that you genuinely want to rekindle the friendship.

Don’t worry about how much time has passed

If you surprise them, it is very likely that they will surprise you too. Except in very few cases friendship is for life.

You need to be aware that you will both have had many of life’s trials and tribulations to deal with but that doesn’t mean that you don’t miss each other. In fact it will probably make your day.


If they don’t reply or if the reply is rather vague, don’t worry, try again, though it is important not to pressurise them.

Like we said before, show that you are available, and let them get in touch with you. Friendships are cooked on a slow flame.

The first meeting: brief but rewarding

This is the moment you have been waiting for: the reunion. Seeing each other again after all the time that has passed is a wonderful experience. You will have a great deal to talk about.

However at this step you need to consider whether there might be anything you need to apologise for, and if so, do so. You need to be honest to engender confidence.

Listen to them attentively and respectfully. Ask them about their attainments, like for example their children, their family, personal goals they have achieved etc.

But above all remember the good times you spent together. This will make them value your friendship as they did before.

Familia feliz Cardenal Mendoza

Make plans together

Ask which days they are free and propose activities you can enjoy together. Put a date in the diary. But above all, if it is they who invite you, agree to the plan. If you manage all this then you will have taken a big step. You can do it.

But if you are not sure what sort of plans to suggest, we at Cardenal Mendoza suggest that you give yourselves some time together to enjoy one of our brandies, however you most enjoy it: on its own, with ice, with coffee, or if you fancy sweetening the moment, try it with black chocolate.

Quite an experience.

Cardenal Mendoza Chocolate negro

So don’t dilly dally, take the plunge. You’ve waited long enough already, it’s time to take control of the situation and revive those friendships which are so important to you.

You deserve it.

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