10 Secrets to help master The Art of Living

13 October 2016
by Andrew Forbes
As the years pass, inevitably our priorities change. When once it was always about striving for ever more challenging goals, now it is less about the destination, more about savouring the journey. Ever since the ancient philosophers, mankind has been seeking the secrets to a life well-lived. So, to help us on our way, we’ve dusted off our favourite self-help books, and picked our top ten ways to master the Art of living...

1. Be Yourself 

Success and happiness should be a very personal thing, not defined by captivating media images of seductive lifestyles.

The secret is to develop our self-awareness, building our self-confidence and focusing on our passions in life.

Be yourself Arte de vivir Cardenal Mendoza

2. Go for it

Go for it art of living Cardenal Mendoza We all have dreams and aspirations. Yet these hopes are often eclipsed by the mundane reality of daily life.

The secret is to work each day towards making our dreams reality; regular steps and realistic actions that together make a difference.

3. Be optimistic

Optimistic Arte de Vivir

Undoubtedly being positive is considered one of the most clichéd mantras of the self-help phenomenon.

Yet practicing optimism, and embracing passion certainly help when we are faced with life’s challenges. The secret is to always more forward with optimism.

4. Share

Life seems to have a funny way of reflecting how we are; a sort of cosmic karma of ‘what goes around, comes around.

So it makes sense we nurture our desire to help others, and share what we have (in terms of time, expertise, & resources). The secret is that kindness is a good habit.

5.Take care of ourselves

Health is the greatest gift – to live without illness, disease or pain is to truly enjoy life. Each day we can do something nourishing to help our bodies and minds feel good, whether it’s getting a good night’s sleep, exercise, practicing meditation, or eating great food. The secret is to nourish and celebrate health.

Arte de vivir Cardenal Mendoza

6. Do what we love

do what you love Steve Jobs Art of living Life is certainly too short to do work we don’t love. Although it not a great idea to suddenly quit our jobs, it is important to discover what we are really passionate about; it could well become our source of income. The secret is to start doing more of what we love.

7. Experience nature

As mankind has become ever more sophisticated, the more disconnected we have become from our natural environment. Yet Mother Nature can reduce negative feelings and soothe stress. The secret is to make time to be in nature.

Arte de vivir Cardenal Mendoza

8. Avoid anxiety

Bob Marley Artede Vivir It’s a fact that stress and anxiety truly impact our wellbeing, for the worse.

Fear is a natural instinct, yet one we all have to master. Otherwise anxiety distorts our perspective.

The secret is to focus on the good we have in our lives and let go of the small worries.

9. Travel

Travel Arte de vivir Probably nothing else can indulge all our senses more than travel – everything is new. Even the mundane becomes exotic. Travel changes our perspective, challenges our prejudices, and builds our self-confidence. The secret is to leave our comfort zone now and then, and seek adventure.

10. Live in the moment

Together with the benefits of the Information Age comes the pressure to multi-task. Instead of focusing on just one experience, we are typically doing many things – leading to stress instead of pleasure. The secret it to regularly disconnect from our digital world, and practice mindfulness.

So let’s relish every moment of life; like enjoying a glass of Cardenal Mendoza Brandy de Jerez. It’s one of life’s great pleasures, one that should be truly savoured – that’s our secret to a life well-lived! 

Cardenal Mendoza Arte de Vivir